4 Types of Business Security Systems

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4 Types of Business Security Systems

Through the help of business security systems, you can have the protection you need, all day and night. The best business security systems offer many perks and benefits depending on your needs.

Setting up a business is an intimidating, daunting, mind-numbing, and excruciating task. The next step is to protect it. Simply locking all the doors to your business isn’t safe enough to protect your property, employees, and valuable information from thieves and intruders.

Therefore, the million-dollar question is, how will you protect your business then?

The different types of security systems provide protection that ranges from theft prevention, vandalism, video monitoring, to trespassing. Most importantly you can also keep your employees in check even when you are not present.

You can also access the previous video feeds to undergo proper working environment analysis to make the best decisions for your business. These are the four business security systems to purchase for your business to keep it safe and secure.

1. Intrusion Security Systems

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The purpose of a intrusion security system is to detect any unwanted activity or intruder and send a notification to trigger an alarm and call respective local authorities in case of any incident.

Intrusion security systems can include many sub-devices, including motion sensors, door sensors, glass break detectors, alarms, keypads, and strobes, to establish a perimeter of security around the office. Installing an intrusion alarm catches any intruder trying to break into your office.

How does a Intrusion Security System Work?

As soon as an intruder breaks in, an alarm sounds while sending a signal to the alarm monitoring station, which monitors the situation and dispatches the police. The system provides 24-hour security against any theft or break-ins.

Our Intrusion Security System Recommendations

Based on customer reviews and our want to provide the readers with the best intrusion security systems, these are some recommendations that are reasonably priced with an extensive list of features:


DSC by Tyco

One of the most famous security systems throughout the USA and Canada is DSC by Tyco. It is a leading electronic security provider. From advanced control panels, revolutionary IP alarm monitoring systems to self-contained wireless panels, DSC is known for providing optimal security to businesses or residential places.

DSC products are reliable, flexible, and high-quality with easy installation, ease of use, and easily upgradeable. This system can secure up to 62 zones and is reasonably priced, starting at $332.


Qolsys IQ Panel 2

IQ Panel 2 by Qolsys is an award-winning panel with a 7-inch touchscreen. The system contains a 5-megapixel camera and several wireless radios embedded in a sleek-looking and modern interface.

With the help of IQ Panel 2, all the interconnected devices stay connected over a secure line that controls your business place. The product contains several pieces of equipment with features like intangible disarming through Bluetooth, Z-Wave plus, geofencing, and a built-in glass break detector. These features update and get better over time with new software updates.

This intrusion security system’s starter pack has a price tag of $600 and increases with the increase in devices offered in the package.


2. Security Camera Systems

Security Camera in a Business

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Up next is the security camera system for your business. A security camera system helps the business by ensuring a video feed at all times. The purpose of installing security cameras is to deter theft and record all activity.

Cameras survey the working environment 24/7. In case of a crime, the cameras recorded video footage helps identify the suspects, provide real-time scene analysis, and ensure the business has proof for insurance purposes.

That’s not the extent of benefits that security camera systems provide. These systems also help you monitor and keep an eye on your staff, different departments, and every nook and cranny of the site.

Security cameras are installed as a single unit or a part of an integrated system to secure an area or provide an overview of the business environment. A security camera system installed in the building will ensure the security of multiple departments, like:

  • Security cameras monitor stock rooms to see the incoming and outgoing employees, what they take, and how much they take. They also secure the isolated hallways to increase employees’ safety.
  • Parking areas are full of valuable cars. Employees, employers, and customers park their vehicles in a parking zone to keep them safe from getting stolen. Customer satisfaction should be the number one priority. Installing security cameras in the parking area will keep everyone away from the stress of their car being stolen.
  • Cash handling is one of the most crucial sections of the business. If you want to secure every cash register and other cash-handling areas, installing security cameras will enable a birds-eye view to ensure every transaction is captured on video.

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Our Business Security Camera System Recommendation


Dahua Security Cameras

Dahua technology focuses on providing the best video technology solutions. They the second-largest manufacturing company of video security systems. Dahua offers three tiers to purchase a package that falls into your budget:

  • Lite series– basic camera security at low cost
  • Pro series– economically priced with great features
  • Ultra series– expensive yet best camera systems with extensive features.

Since businessmen never compromise on their business’s security, these reasonably priced cameras starting at $150 per camera will keep the company safe.



The World’s largest manufacturer of surveillance products and solutions, Hikvision, has a huge list of cameras for your business. The list of products includes PTZ dome and panoramic cameras, NVRs (Network Video Recorders), and cameras supporting special applications.

The high-quality products are available at a mid-range price to secure the premises of your business. The DeepinView and DeepinMind NVRs carry a deep learning mechanism that helps identify people, vehicles, and interests of customers. This is Hikvision’s best technology.



Lorex is also a great manufacturer and has been around for a long time. They make a very reliable product, are reasonably priced and come with a 1-year warranty. You can buy their systems from Costco or right on the Lorex website.


3. Access Control Security Systems

With the help of an access control system, you can limit or monitor the number of people who access your business. Through this, you can reduce the risk of employee theft and limit the on-site customers from entering employee-only areas.

Instead of using a physical key, the system works on electronic solutions, like key cards, biometrics, face recognition, and fobs.

Why are physical keys being replaced with access control systems? It is because:

  • Keys are easy to lose.
  • Keys are easy to duplicate.
  • They are difficult to manage and don’t provide a track of who entered the area.

An access control system ensures that you get a track record of the people who accessed the building or specific areas. It can tell you which area they have access to and the conditions under which they can have access.

You can also schedule employee or public entrance doors to automatically unlock or lock depending on your schedule.


 Access Control Security System Recommendations


Kantech by Tyco

Kantech is part of Tyco Security Products and was founded in 1986. The company is known for designing high-end access control systems, marketing them, and supporting integrating with intrusion and camera systems.

Kantech offers starter, expansion, and multi-door kits for its customers. They also provide a sturdy and secure entry-level solution for any small business. The astonishing EntraPass access control software can easily integrate with different controlling products for enhanced security.

These access control products can easily be integrated with American Dynamics Intellex for video surveillance as well. The company also offers integrated intrusion detection and telephone entry systems manageable with a single software package.

The Kantech access control security system’s price starts at $1500 with all the necessary equipment and features for 2 doors.



With over 150 years of experience and millions of products sold, Dormakaba stays as a top 3 company for access control systems. The company is diverse in its products and offers everything you need to keep your business secure and safe.

Dormakaba’s products include power supplies, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, digital keypads, push-buttons, key switches, etc. The access control systems need to be professionally installed but are perfect for long-term use.


4. Network Security Systems

Hacker working on computer

Photo Credit: vitorolig Flickr via Compfight cc

The purpose of a Network Security system is to apply multiple layers of defense to the network. Each layer has its own ways to control traffic. Only authorized personnel can access the network, while other users remain blocked to protect from any network threats.

Your business may provide its services to the customers and employees through a network. It’s essential to keep that network secured. It’s a way to keep your information and reputation safe.

The network security system includes:

  • Hardware and software technology
  • Helps target various threats and prevents them from spreading on the network
  • Manages access to the network in an effective manner

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Our Network Security System Recommendations


Fortinet Security Fabric

With over 450,000 customers, Fortinet is famous for being the most extensive network security provider to large enterprises and government companies worldwide. Fortinet’s Security Fabric is highly advanced and delivers the best security without any compromise.

It highlights the complex security challenges over your business’ network, applications, cloud-based, or mobile environments. With Fortinet Security Fabric, your business will have intelligent protection across the network and will be compatible across every performance requirement.


Cisco Meraki MX

The MX appliances create the perfect framework for the Meraki powered Cisco SD-WAN by creating proper VPN channels between various sites. These MX appliances are easy to install within a few minutes and don’t require access to a cloud network.

The security settings are simple to start using templates. An auto VPN technology develops a secure channel between branches within three clicks through an intelligent, web-based dashboard.


EdgeRouter by Ubiquiti

The EdgeRouter products by Ubiquiti can route almost two million packets of data per second using its Gigabit routing ports. It’s a specialized piece of equipment located at the edge of a network that allows the internal networks to connect to various external networks.

The EdgeRouter is extremely reliable and provides real value for your business in terms of investment and security.

All these network security systems keep every business’ data protected without providing any backdoors into the system.

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Starting a business is a dream come true. It’s a step forward in becoming what you have been dreaming of. However, why risk the security of your dreams and future goals?

The types of business security systems we discussed will keep your business secure and pave a safe passage to future success. Daily monitoring and analysis of your business will keep you updated with what’s happening and how it’s being done.

Graph showing price of security systems

One of these systems or a mixture of them will ensure a foolproof business environment that will keep data, cash, stock, employees, employers, cars, and other staff members as safe as possible.

Hire a professional technician to view any points of concern and insecure areas of your business. Most importantly, he will also highlight the main concerns of your business and if one or all of these security systems are best.

For more information or questions please contact us here.