Best DIY Home Security Systems for 2021

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Best DIY Home Security Systems for 2021

What exactly is the purpose of a DIY home security system, and why is it so popular?

DIY home security systems provide you the freedom to install all the sensors and set up the security perimeter around the house by yourself. You won’t need a professional installer as all the pieces (keypad, sensors, alarms, etc.) are wireless and easy to set.

With a better price range, you get to professionally monitor your house without spending thousands. While buying a DIY home security system, you need to consider many options, including the monthly price and hardware pieces.

Here are some of the best DIY home security systems with the most outstanding features like price, reliability, performance, etc. Before buying any DIY security system, read this article to have better options, and have the best pick for your house.

Top DIY Security Systems

Google Nest

One of the most popular home security systems is the “Google Nest Secure Alarm System”. The system comes with every accessory necessary to secure your house and family from intruders.

From basic motion detectors and sensors to a base station, the Nest package provides every essential piece. Moreover, you can use Google Assistant to monitor and control the device and other Google devices associated with the system.

With easy handling, you can add as many devices to your Nest system as you require. If you want to use the Nest Secure system’s professional monitoring services, you can get subscribed to Brinks Home Security. They provide professional monitoring at as low as $19/month.

You can choose self-monitoring as well, while Brink provides a professional monitoring system. It also has the best smart home integrations by Google Hub, which allows you to control smart devices with voice control.

Every good thing comes at a price, and the Nest Secure system has a starting price of $399. At this price, you get Nest Guard Hub, 2 Next tags for arming and disarming the system, two motion detectors, two magnets, a power adapter, and additional items.


  • Amazing home integrations
  • User-friendly
  • Professional monitoring is a choice.
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Doesn’t have a variety of hardware packages.
  • The monthly package is higher than the contract option


Ring Alarm Security System


Ring, an Amazon-produced company, is another great DIY home security system. The Ring company is thriving and has launched its second-generation Ring Alarm system. The best thing is that you can access its professional monitoring at a staggeringly low price of $10/month.

This price tag is the lowest among the DIY security systems, making the Ring system highly affordable. It also provides cloud video storage for all the Ring security cameras and video doorbells you have installed at your home without asking to upgrade to a costly plan.

Ring offers three different kit packages of 5-piece, 8-piece, and 14-piece, respectively, and a plethora of cameras and outdoor lights keep your home and backyard safe and illuminated during the dark.

Ring system also boasts more smart doorbell options than any other DIY security system. This second-gen alarm system has a starting price of $199.99, an excellent alternative to many other expensive DIY home security systems whose basic packages start at $400+.

The Ring Alarm has doors and windows sensors, a keypad to call in local authorities’ assistance, a base station, a motion sensor, a range extender, and a contact sensor. If your house already has pre-installed sensors, the Ring package of $199 uses those sensors into its system, which saves money and lessens stress by minimizing the addition of new sensors.

This simple system by Amazon integrated Alexa smart speakers seamlessly with it for the best voice control feature. Overall, it is a unique and affordable DIY security system.


  • Extremely affordable kit pieces and monitoring
  • Seamless compatibility with Ring cameras and doorbells
  • Easy installation process
  • Cellular backup offered in Ring Protect Plus package


  • Isn’t compatible with Google assistant

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SimpliSafe provides its clients with monthly based plans. If you aren’t looking for a long-term contract with any DIY system, SimpliSafe gives you a monthly based way out of it. SimpliSafe’s monitoring services lie between $14.99 to $24.99, which is pretty affordable.

SimpliSafe’s plans also include professional monitoring for threats like gas leakages, potential fire hazards. The interactive plan includes intrusion and security issues. SimpliSafe also provides a warranty on its products and a 60-day money return policy, which is quite appealing to consumers.

Let’s talk about the Interactive plan a bit. This plan also offers system access through its mobile application, allowing you to monitor your house on your mobile. Every essential necessary in a DIY home security system, SimpliSafe provides it.

The system is easy to install, but the downside is that you don’t have Z-wave compatibility or outdoor camera features. For basic security, SimpliSafe can fulfill your needs.


  • Doesn’t require a long-term contract
  • Affordable professional monitoring
  • Six different packages are offered.


  • Z-Wave feature and outdoor camera missing.
  • Limited smart, accessible options


Abode Security System


If you are a smart house owner and are looking for an over-the-top DIY home security system, then the Abode Essentials kit is the best option for you. Abode security system perfectly syncs with any smart house using Zigbee and Z-wave integration.

Zigbee and Z-wave are for controlling home equipment, including smart bulbs and locks with an easy setup. The Abode system can connect with Apple’s Homekit and be voice-controlled by Siri, which is good news for Apple users.

Although the Abode system’s starter package includes limited items, you can opt for its different packages or purchase sensors separately. (Ring security system also offers the purchasing of sensors separately.)

Abode system offers three tiers of packages:

  • Standard starting at $6/month or $60 per year
  • Pro package at $20 per month or $200 per year
  • Free tier

The free plan is pretty limited and doesn’t allow video recordings from the camera or automating the system. But you can tune into the live video, use home integrations, and generate push notifications.

Whereas the Standard Plan offers seven days of video and events timeline cloud storage, it will start recording a video feed when the doors are opened. On the other hand, the Pro package offers 30 days of cloud storage, all-time professional monitoring, and cellular backup.

You can have 3-day or 7-day monitoring in your Standard plan for an increased amount of $8 or $15, whenever you need it.


  • Provides easy installation and professional monitoring
  • Multiple automation plans


  • Some setup part only accessible through the web application
  • Smart-hub not as robust and proficient enough
  • The free plan doesn’t include any custom automation.


Blue by ADT


Before ADT introduced its Blue home security system, its monitoring system required a three-year contract with painstakingly high prices. But the Blue by ADT system eradicates the contract.

With an affordable starting price of $19.99 per month, Blue by ADT is relatively cheap and offers packages that fall within your budget. The equipment also includes multiple security cameras that cost up to $200 each.

The monitoring subscription offers only limited cloud video storage. So, if a customer needs more storage, they have an extra fee to pay for it. Since Blue by ADT system is reasonably new to the market and isn’t as popular as the others, it has some downfalls.

The main negative aspect is its mobile application, which is full of bugs and glitches. Hopefully, the application will improve over time. Another caveat is its live chat support, which is missing. The system only provides email support or phone call support.

Since ADT is a famous brand, Blue by ADT will gain popularity when it improves over time to help people secure their houses and families from intruders.


  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Affordable rates
  • No hassle of contracts


  • Cameras are costly as an add-on.
  • Doesn’t have an online chat support feature
  • Mobile application full of bugs


Honeywell Home Security


Like the Abode security system, Honeywell is also a hub-centric security system with a pre-installed security camera and speaker. But unlike the Abode system, Honeywell has Alexa’s assistance built into the system.

This way, you can use the security system as a speaker as well. Plus, the security system is Google Assistant compatible, too. The built-in camera in the system also has a face recognition feature, which, when tested, didn’t perform up to the mark.

Although Honeywell’s base station provides a battery backup, it doesn’t offer cellular backup or professional monitoring.


  • Built-in camera with face recognition aspect
  • Motion detection with camera
  • Built-in Alexa’s assistance


  • Doesn’t offer professional monitoring
  • Facial recognition isn’t reliable.
  • The overall system needs improvement.

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If you want our opinion, then the Google Nest and Ring Alarm system are our top picks. But in the end, the choice is yours. You can purchase any DIY home security system that fits your budget. But be mindful of not putting your family and house in danger by buying a cheap, unreliable security system that won’t provide maximum security to your home.

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